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The score for this body area was penalised and BMW were not allowed to demonstrate that structures in the dashboard did not present a risk of injury to occupants of different sizes and to those sitting in different positions. The BMW X5 SUV comes in only 1 body type: SUV. From a driving perspective, the electric BMW comes across as a both zero-compromise EV and a long-range luxury cruiser, and it shares nearly the same features list, comfort, and practicality as its trio of gas-powered X5 siblings. Built in Spartanburg, South Carolina, the X5 Black Vermilion comes in Frozen Black Metallic with red vertical strakes in the kidney grille and a gloss black grille surround. 22-inch wheels in Orbit Grey contrast with bright red M Sport brake calipers. Inside are leather seats with red contrast piping and stitching alongside Alcantara and carbon fiber trim. Those are some of the highest ratings in the segment, but still way below class rivals such as Volvo XC90. The BMW has better stopping power than all of its rivals unless this package is equipped in the Cayenne. But loyal BMW owners looking for plug-in power married to Munich’s traditional sophistication will be more than pleased with the 45e’s comportment.

Capable of covering around 50 miles on battery power alone, the xDrive45e is able to reduce the usual running costs of a typical large SUV, while CO2 emissions starting from 27g/km mean the X5 will be more attractive to business users. And its estimated 40 miles of electric-only range will help curb some of the cost of fuel. The percentage of people who will ever drive an SUV on a race track is vanishingly small. In fact, since it qualifies for the full $7,500 IRS plug-in vehicle tax credit (which is based on battery capacity), the $65,400 X5 xDrive45e will often work out to be cheaper than the not-hybrid X5 xDrive40i. In fact, during my time with the new plug-in BMW, I almost never experienced the turbocharged six under full gallon thanks to the electric X5’s more impressive party trick: a 24 kWh battery pack. What did surprise me is how well BMW’s gas engine and electric motor mated. At their core, vehicles like the X5 xDrive45e match standard hybrids in pairing an electric motor with its gas unit, but by adding a much larger battery (and a plug that lets you charge it up from a wall socket when parked), they offer a massive boost in EV-only operating range.

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In theory, hybrids offer the perfect combination of efficiency and performance. It’s unfortunate that so much of the messaging around PHEVs has been muddied, because for the vast majority of drivers they represent the perfect compromise between daily driving reality and range-anxiety practicality. Striking, too, is the design of the headlamps and daytime driving lamps and the bucket-tooth-look sump shield. Also, visibility to the sides and rear is limited by the design of the bulky roof pillars and way-too-small side mirrors. Also, Audi SUV range is sedan-shaped, have an extended wheel base, and can provide accommodations for five passengers. Almost from the time the first mainstream plug-in appeared – 2011’s Chevrolet Volt – automakers have found it difficult, if not completely impossible, to explain to buyers why they should pay a premium for these puzzling halfings. Presenting a happy performance medium between the entry-level xDrive40i and the M50i’s twin-turbo V8 (and minus the overboosted bombast of the ultra-pricy X5 M), BMW’s decision to double down on plug-in tech has paid impressive dividends. A natural leader in every way, the 2022 BMW X5 sDrive40i and X5 xDrive40i Sports Activity Vehicles® deliver on performance, utility, and comfort.

It was determined on delivering style, handling and comfort rather than rough go-anywhere ability. The average American drives just under 32 miles a day, which is well within the wheelhouse of most modern PHEVs, and as long as you can find a socket at work, the mall, or the grocery store (and then tuck in to delicious 110v or 220v current at home overnight), you’ll probably only ever pop the gas cap when it’s time to hit the highway for a weekend getaway. If that’s the range, it’s 50 miles short of what premium EV buyers should expect when purchasing a high-end EV. It’s hard not to see the xDrive45e as the most appealing entry in the entire X5 portfolio. You might want to consider opting for the 360-degree surround-view camera system in order to better see other cars and pedestrians. Kyle Conner steps into the 2021 BMW X5 xDrive45e PHEV (US Spec) to see just how much electric range it provides in real-world driving. During my week with the X5 xDrive45e, I was unable to find a specific driving situation that required gas-powered assistance, as the electric motor even swallowed 85 mph highway bursts with ease.

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